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Le Jeu de la mort (titre original : Game of Death) est un film hongkongais de Bruce Lee commencé à être tourné en 1972. Après la mort de l'acteur en 1973, . Le Jeu de la Mort (The Game of Death) is a French/Swiss television documentary broadcast by the French public television channel France 2. It was presented . In the French documentary 'The Game of Death,' contestants on a fake game show are cajoled into "torturing" other participants with electric . French 'Game of Death' Shocks Audience, Contestants. Contestants believe they are electrocuting others on fake game show. By. CHRISTOPHE . The Milgram Obedience Experiment ~ "repeated" on reality television. This French TV show was actually entitled . Contestants on a new French game show torture fellow players with electric shocks - zapping one man until he cries for mercy and apparently . 'Game of Death' French TV show sparks controversy. A TV grab taken from state-owned France 2 channel on 16 March 2010 showing. French papers this morning cover a shocking TV show to be broadcast tonight called 'The Game of Death'. It shows that participants in reality .


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